How Do You Study?

Studying God’s Word one verse at a time, for example within a devotional is like this~~

Suppose you just got a letter from your best friend, but you didn’t read the entire letter because you didn’t have time.   You grabbed the second page and read one sentence; “The brown dog yipped all afternoon.”  Would you have any idea what your friend was taking about?  Would you take the letter to an English instructor and ask him what it meant, or maybe to a next door neighbor?

NO!  First you’d take the time to sit down and read the letter, at least the second page where your friend started writing about this “brown dog”. you have an idea why he wrote it, but wait~~do you really know what he meant?  If not, who would you ask to explain it to you?  Of course the answer is obvious, your friend!  After all he wrote it.

Reading and studying the Word of God is no different.

1) It is God’s will for you to read/study His Word
2)  It is His Will that in reading/studying the Word, you will  learn more about your walk with Christ
3)  If we ask “anything” according to God’s will in the name of Jesus it WILL be done. (John 14:13)

So please know it is imperative  as followers of Christ, God’s adopted children, that we study His Word with diligence.

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