God’s Unfailing Love

Six years ago today, The Lord God Almighty, in His “unfailing love” saved my physical life.  I won’t go into the tragic story, but I will say He put people in the right place at the right time to pull me from a burning building.  They were not fireman, just two guys trying to help out my next door neighbors~~they saw the smoke, broke my door down and drug me out.  Coincidence–NO!  God’s perfect plan.  A few months later, after much suffering and the loss of my mother, He reached out to me with the Gospel message through a local radio program and a song I will always cherish.  At that moment, broken and filled with the sorrow of my sin filled, selfish life, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ!  As long as I live in this earthly body, I will sing praises to His name, give each day to bring glory and honor to His Holy  Name.  I will “Always Be His”.
~Enjoy this blessed song by Chris Tomlin~

Unfailing Love – Chris Tomlin – YouTube.

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