Friday’s Favorite

Prayer is the wonderful gift of coming before our Heavenly Father through our Lord and Mediator Jesus Christ.  Every day our lives are filled with moments of uncertainty, distress, anxiety and fear.  We also have moments of certainty, gladness, hope and joy.  Spending “quiet time” alone with our God is something He greatly desires of us.  There is not one human in all this earth that has the answers to life’s questions, can satisfy our needs or help us with the trials of life— except our Lord and Savior.  God ALWAYS answers our prayers!  It’s either a clear yes, a definitive no or a “wait My child”.  Waiting is the hardest part (heard this many times) and it is…however, there is much we can do

~~While We Are Waiting~~ 

It my sincere prayer everyone who watches this video and  spends some alone time with the Father will be blessed. 


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorite

    • Yes, I appreciate the message within this song. So glad you stopped by and may you “live each new day as if it was your last”, spreading the joy and hope of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!


  1. Prayer is one of the greatest privileges of being a child of God. Instant access to the very presence of the omnipotent, almight, creator God – amazing! Add to that, He DELIGHTS to have us come to Him!

    What a truly amazing God!


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