Friday’s Favorite

Black Friday… a day when multitudes of Americans act irrationally, creating retail chaos.   I would like to share with you a Christ-like alternative to camping out in front of a store, charging through the doors when they’re opened, grabbing items from other people’s hand and completely forgetting the truth of Christmas.  Take a few minutes please to watch this video.  If it moves you, please go to the Gospel For Asia link in my Christian missions section.  The past three years I haven’t purchased many gifts for my “huge” family (7 grown adult children, their mates and my 15 grandchildren).  But,  I have given gifts in the names of my children and grandchildren to families throughout the poorest areas of Asia.  There are 3 things we take for granted in this country– food, warm clothing and clean water.  Millions of Asian fathers or widowed mother are unable to provide these things to their children.  In most of the Asian countries, it is illegal to preach the Gospel or carry a Bible in public.  Bringing a gift of blankets to a family opens the door for the message of salvation to these “the least…the poor…the hungry…the weary.”

“Let us remember to fly with two wings: total commitment and unconditional love.  Then the world will understand the Gospel and come to know the Savior”  K. P. Johannan– Founder Gospel For Asia

Many blessings to all of you as we begin the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorite

    • Absolutely! Sorry it took me so long to respond. We had our family Thanksgiving yesterday (Saturday). Whenever you feel led, Pastor J to reblog…feel free.
      Many blessings!


  1. We also use Gospel for Asia to supply goats, water wells, chickens, sewing machines etc as Christmas gifts and we are always happy to receive a card saying these things have been purchased in our name as a gift from someone else. I know there are also other groups which have the same system, but we like Gospel for Asia.


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