Friday’s Favorite

A year ago yesterday I posted on my blog for the first time.  It was a simple song about Christmas that is meaningful to me.  I want to share it again on my “1 year bloggaversay”. 

I thank all of you who follow my blog and I pray that it brings glory to our Lord Jesus’ name; and encourages, exhorts and blesses you. ♥

~~”Worthy of Wonder”~~
What an amazing thing
To be a child of the King of Kings!
We couldn’t earn it; we didn’t learn it
Adoption of us is freely given
by the LORD God Himself.
By His grace and allowing His only Son Jesus
To die for our sin; to pardon our hearts stained within
If we open the door of our sin blackened hearts
Ask Him in to wash us clean and bright
We understand the TRUE meaning of that Holy night!

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorite

  1. Happy ‘bloggaversary’, Stephanie 🙂

    Seems like it’s been much longer! May God continue to speak through you as you share Him with us.

    I saw some lawn signs today that says “Christmas is about Christ” … a wonderful reminder that He is the reason behind all this. The manger is a good thing to remember, yes, but the resurrection of Christ seals our hope of eternal life. How great is our God!

    Thanks for sharing!



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