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Approaching the Throne Together

Hebrews 4: 14-16 “Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are–yet was without sin.  Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

The Storm 

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,  below are three prayer needs in my immediate family.  I ask, that as you read, if the Lord should so impress you to intercede.  I thank you from a heart that we share in His love together.  May He forever be our comfort!

  1. My second youngest daughter MandiLyn (27) had surgery 1 1/2 years ago to remove an ovarian tumor.  Praise the Lord it was a benign membranous growth.  This past August, they found one on her other ovary, much larger.  Since then, I’ve been with her to the OB/GYN and asked if removal was her only option.  The doctor said if Mandi would take birth control pills, the hormones may suppress the ovary, possibly shrinking the mass.  Tomorrow morning she is scheduled for an ultrasound to check and see if the process has worked.  She is a prodigal child, walking the way of the world, and so many times she’s been close to returning to the Lord!  I request prayer first for her heart to return to Christ and secondly that the process worked allowing her to see the Lord’s hand at work (many are/have been praying since August), if that be out Lord’s will.
  2. For those of you who responded to my “Prayer Warriors Needed” request post this past summer  ( you will remember I asked prayer for my youngest daughter, Missy (26) who was about to undergo two surgical gynecological procedures after the birth of her second child.  We praised our precious Father and Lord at His tender grace as all went exactly as expected.   Now I  am asking prayer for that second child, dear sweet little JoJo.  Recently Missy noticed that the thumb on her left hand was bent and wouldn’t straighten.  First they took her to an Urgent Care and were told JoJo had “trigger finger”.  Missy made an appointment with JoJo’s primary doctor, who sent her to an orthopedic doctor.  All three doctors gave the same diagnosis, but none gave a reason.  Missy (and Grandma too) did some online research.   This condition usually occurs in the “elderly”, caused by a build up extra tendon/bone tissue and causes arthritis type pain.  The orthopedic doctor said surgery to cut the tendon would fix the problem.  It is interesting though because  JoJo has NO pain!!  Now the other thumb is beginning to show signs of the same problem.  It’s quite possible this is a symptom of an underlying condition.   So Missy and Justin are seeking a another opinion from a pediatric orthopedic specialist.  Missy loves our Lord Jesus and believes He controls everything within our lives.  She knows this will all work together for good!  As a mom of a sweet 2-year-old… it’s the not knowing that she struggles with.  I would ask prayer for the doctor to have wisdom, comfort for Missy’s weariness and  guard little JoJo’s health.
  3. Finally there’s me!  Last August I started physical therapy for neck and right shoulder pain.  Tests showed I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis in C-1, 2 and 3 vertebrae.  My doctor believed with neck traction would relieve some of my constant cervical neck pain.  I thank God my physical therapist is a wonderful Christian man and very knowledgeable.  The 18 visits increased my neck range of motion in some directions by 200%.  Now the right shoulder.  Stretching and at home exercises were supposed to do the trick.  😦  It did not, it actually aggravated the issue, which is now determined to be rotator cuff problems.  It seems all three tendons that attach to the shoulder are involved.  I’ve been in excruciating pain for months… sometimes not sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time.  After Christmas I spent 12 days without a normal night’s sleep.  (FYI)  I can’t use my right arm for anything, but I’ve managed to situate my body so I can type 🙂  Tomorrow, while my Mandi is having her ultrasound on her tumor, I’m having MRI’s of my shoulder.  To add to all this,  clumsy/dizzy Grandma fell Thursday night( Life Line time) and bruised some ribs on my right side.  Not to mention, cuts and others bruises.  I fell into a corner between a cedar chest and a CD rack with plants all around, back up against the wall, legs bent.   “I had fallen and I couldn’t get up.” (My guardian angels kept me from cracking my blooming head open!)  So,  now with the bruised ribs on the left side and rotator cuff issues on the right side, I am a balanced, but damaged, Grandma.  The only thing I ask for me is that nothing is broken or torn (on my body) and for some good restful sleep. 

“A man may study because his brain is hungry for knowledge, even Bible knowledge. But he prays because his soul is hungry for God.”  Author:Leonard Ravenhill

Many thanks in Jesus name…♥ Streim


There is joy, hope and peace in knowing the Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Everyday is a new day to share the the glorious Gospel message of grace and forgiveness; the blessings of hope; the Father God's eternal promises; and the importance of living daily in the will of God according to the Scriptures, especially now with the world in chaos and uncertainty. My life before I repented of all my sin, was washed clean by the blood of the Lamb of God-- Jesus Christ and was born again; was one of utter selfishness in every aspects of my life. I lived for ME and only me! Now I live for my Lord and soon coming King, rejoicing daily. I earnestly desire to share the message of the Gospel, encourage sisters/brothers in Christ by fervent prayer and studying the Holy Scriptures more each day. Maranatha Read more on my "About Me" page at my site.

12 thoughts on “Approaching the Throne Together

  1. Praying for His supernatural healing for all. Lord, show off for the doctors and give them the wisdom and knowledge to help you heal these precious souls. God’s speed in the healing process. Our God is bigger than any situation we might come up against. A-men!


  2. Standing in agreement and believing God for salvation and healing in the circumstances your named.

    Also praying that His peace would continue to be yours as you rest on His promises.



  3. Stephanie, be assured I am praying for the three of you – praying for wisdom and understanding for all the medical staff involved – praying that in these things, Jesus will become more precious as He undertakes for you.

    One of the blessings of being part of God’s own family is the love we can share, even though we have not physically met. When one hurts, we hurt. When one rejoices, we rejoice – and I am looking forward to rejoicing with you as our loving Father answers our prayers.

    We serve an incredibly amazing God who delights to bless us abundantly.


    1. Bless you sister Angela—I KNOW that our Father and Lord Jesus will be glorified in all our situations. ” One of the blessings of being part of God’s own family is the love we can share, even though we have not physically met. When one hurts, we hurt.” AMEN sister, that is so very true. We are all part of the Body of Christ.
      Blessings to you..


  4. Lord hold Stephanie, JoJo, Missy, Justin & Mandi in your loving arms. Continue to wrap your healing spirit around them. Lead them to the right doctors. Reveal yourself to Mandi. Give them all strength


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