Where Do You Place Your Expectations ?

Stayed on Thee

Recently several of my children have experienced situations where they had to make choices–major choices in their lives.  I am pleased that God gave us Word to guide us along this life as His blood bought adopted child.  These 3 children of mine chose to beseech our Heavenly Father, along with fellow believing friends, to keep them strong.  Where do place your expectations?  I’ve always told all my children (and others) that trusting in people will always cause heartache, because they will let you down.  Place your trust in the One who is worthy and capable–for HE IS GOD! ♥ Streim

Christ will always accept the faith that puts its trust in Him. — Andrew Murray (edited)

3 thoughts on “Where Do You Place Your Expectations ?

  1. ONLY our amazing God is worthy of our trust. Praise Him for answered prayer.
    I am facing three days of doctors, tests and explorative procedures. While I am in the hands of the doctors I am ACTUALLY in the hands of God and my trust is in Him alone.


    • Sister Angela,
      Continuing in fervent prayer for you and your husband’s health. Knowing our Wonderful, awesome Father is comforting your hearts.
      Bless you dear one. .. I love you!


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