Follow The Leader or Follow The Lord?

The past 2 weeks my study in the Gospel of John has focused on chapters 12-21, obviously because of the significance of the Crucifixion and blessed Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  These nine chapters are so beautiful… there are no words to express what the Holy Spirit inspired within me, with the exception of JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Abundant, fiery, overflowing, empowering JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I learned some very important truths ( 2 Timothy 3:16 “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”) and I profited much spiritually, for which I thank my Father.  There is so much I could share, but when I am impressed to explore a certain issue, I must!

The hatred of the Jewish people towards Jesus, even though all things pertaining to His life on earth and His horrible death on the cross were firmly set in Old Testament Biblical prophecy, and yet many hated Him!   I asked myself over and over as I read, how could they?  Did they not know?  Weren’t they instructed in the Temple by the Pharisees, Scribes and Chief priests?

The problem with the average, everyday Jew in Jesus time  (as I see it and Isaiah prophesied) is they listened to the leaders and NOT to the Savior Himself!

“But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him:  That the saying of Esaias the prophet might be fulfilled , which he spake , Lord, who hath believed our report? and to whom hath the arm of the Lord been revealed ?  Therefore they could not believe , because that Esaias said again,  He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted , and I should heal them.  These things said Esaias, when he saw his glory, and spake of him.  Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue:  For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.”  John 12:37-41

Where are you in your relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ who obediently died for our sins–yet He was without sin?  What do you believe about our Heavenly Father who raised Jesus from the dead to conquer sin and death for us?  Are you following church leaders, book authors, tele-evangelists, speakers, and on and on OR are you following the Word (John 1:1-5)?  If you’re hanging your salvation on a pastor or a church for fullness… you’re going down a very dangerous path!

  • GET INTO THE WORD DAILY and I am not talking about a “quickie” 5 minute devotional!
  • DESIRE TO BE MORE LIKE OUR LORD… get hungry for His Word and needful of personal fellowship!
  • GET OUT INTO YOUR WORLD  and let you light shine… speak the Gospel… and walk the walk!
There may be some of you who may “blast” me on this post and you know what, I do not care!  If anything I’ve written is Biblically unsound then post a comment.  I am writing this because I see the same thing happening in the church today as I studied about with the Jewish people in John’s Gospel.  I care where you spend eternity.  
 Extra references… words from the mouth of our Lord Jesus Christ Himself — John 5:19-34; 6:44-51; chapter 17, Jesus prayer for His disciples and for us; and John’s final comments in chapter 21:25 “And there are also many other things which Jesus did , the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written . Amen.”   ♥Streim

Warnings Given With Love

Scripture if full of warnings.  For the true Christian, there are many times in the New Testament we are warned, with urgency!  It is with urgency that I write this post, which is actually an addendum to yesterday’s post:  Overpopulation of Wolves

As I urged you when I went into Macedonia–remain in Ephesus that you may charge some that they teach no other doctrine,  nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which cause disputes rather than godly edification which is in faith.  Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith,  from which some, having strayed, have turned aside to idle talk,  desiring to be teachers of the law, understanding neither what they say nor the things which they affirm.  But we know that the law is good if one uses it lawfully,  knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for man slayers, for fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine, according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God which was committed to my trust.”

Very strong words Paul wrote to young Timothy in his first letter (chapter 1: 3-11  NKJV)
Again in chapter 4 the words are more stern, with a warning and a blessing!

” Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons,  speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron,  forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.  For every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving;  for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.  If you instruct the brethren in these things, you will be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished in the words of faith and of the good doctrine which you have carefully followed. But reject profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise yourself toward godliness.”

We do live in a time like no other, all anyone needs to do is look at technology to see that.  Our country is morally bankrupt (for the most part), our leaders are headed in dangerous directions and the Church…  well you assess for yourself.   This is a time to search your own heart in the mirror of the Word, by the Holy Spirit who gently discerns the truth of Scripture for us.  There is much happening “in the world”… but what is going on in YOUR world?  I am only able to write this, because of late our Lord Jesus Christ is pointing out things in my life that MUST be taken care of.  I praise Our Wonderful Father for His unending mercy, forgiveness and the “newness” of life He gives to all who will follow Our Savior!

  “Christians are like the several flowers in a garden that have each of them the dew of Heaven, which, being shaken with the wind, they let fall at each others roots, whereby they are jointly nourished, and become nourishers of each other.”  John Bunyun

I love you my dear sisters and brothers in Christ!